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Get extra guidance on using CATT in your therapeutic practice

Consultations For Practitioners Trained In CATT

Our CATT Consultations are designed for practitioners who have already trained in CATT

 If you would like further guidance around applying CATT in your therapeutic practice, one of our CATT Consultants will be able to offer advice in adhering to the CATT protocol.

Please note that our CATT Consultations are not clinical supervision sessions; all practitioners using CATT should already have pre-existing clinical supervision structures in place as required by their professional registration. Our consultants will not be able to take on any clinical responsibility for cases. All case material shared should preserve all client confidentiality and anonymity at all times.

Each CATT Consultation phone appointment lasts 30 minutes and costs £85. All bookings and consultations are delivered in accordance with our terms and conditions.

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If you booked your consult as part of a package when booking the course, please email us directly to schedule your consult.
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