Our Story and The Origins of CATT

Learn about the creation of CATT and the Trauma Psychology Training story

About CATT & The Trauma Psychology Training Story 

Training For Mental Health Professionals & Organisations in CATT For PTSD & Complex Trauma

Are you looking to develop new therapy skills in treating complex trauma & PTSD? Do you work with young people who have experienced childhood trauma? 

Children’s Accelerated Trauma Technique (CATT) is a holistic trauma-focused therapy that fuses cognitive behavioural theory with creative arts methods, whilst taking a human rights and child-centred approach to treatment

CATT was initially created for children and adolescents aged 4 years and up. taking into account the unique ways that children process trauma and its impact on their social, emotional and mental development. However, CATT has since been used with individuals of all ages, including adults.

By training in CATT For PTSD & Complex Trauma, you, your staff team or whole organisation can help children and adolescents to work through their childhood trauma using a holistic trauma-focused therapy that combines cognitive behaviour theory, creative arts methods and a human rights approach to treatment. 

Developed by Dr Carlotta Raby in 1997 in London, CATT is based on empirical research and is UK NICE guidance and World Health Organisation (WHO) guidance compliant, helping to support children and young people overcome PTSD and complex trauma.


The Origins of CATT & Our Story

 The beginning…
The beginning..
Dr Carlotta Raby, a clinical psychologist and creative arts therapist, developed Children’s Accelerated Trauma Technique (CATT) in 1997, whilst working with deprived children in inner London who were suffering from severe complex trauma symptoms, alongside working on a project in Rwanda with children and adolescents who had experienced crimes of the genocide and civil war. 

In 2008 Carlotta founded Luna Children’s Charity – now operating as Action for Child Trauma International – to offer frontline mental health practitioners working in areas of ongoing conflict, war and natural disaster access to CATT on a humanitarian basis. Some years later, Carlotta’s colleague, Dr Dominic Plant, a clinical psychologist and scholar with expertise in child development and PTSD, joined the charity, overseeing operations in Uganda and Jordan.

In 2017, in response to growing need domestically in the UK, Carlotta and Dominic substantially revised the CATT training program, and founded Trauma Psychology Training as a platform to deliver high quality comprehensive CATT training to UK-based mental health professionals and organisations looking for an effective and established trauma therapy to support children and young people overcome PTSD and complex trauma.

Trauma Psychology Training has since grown into a reputable consultancy delivering training in CATT throughout the UK as well as internationally. Training is delivered to individual mental health professionals as well as to whole staff teams and organisations, such as the NHS, private practices, hospitals, charities, NGOs and other specialist mental health services and organisations.

Our mission is to skill up the mental health workforce worldwide by being trained in CATT. Hundreds of mental health professionals and many staff teams have now been trained in CATT, enhancing their therapeutic skills and professional development, allowing many many children and adolescents to benefit from receiving CATT as a targeted intervention to overcome complex trauma and PTSD.

The CATT training is delivered in person or online, and includes an overview of PTSD, complex PTSD, the neurobiology of trauma, establishing safety and stabilisation, learning all 12-steps of the CATT protocol, experiential practice of trauma memory processing and rescripting stages, and promoting post-traumatic growth and reconnection. 

The Team

Founded by two clinical psychologists, we have grown into a dynamic team of experienced trauma specialists. Collectively, we have experience working with children, adolescents and adults with trauma across a range of mental health settings. We are skilled in delivering training and consultation to individual practitioners, staff teams and whole organisations.
Trauma Psychology Training
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